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Her Metabolism (HM) is a nonprofit organization (501c3 pending) for education and science about her metabolism.


The term metabolism often brings to mind simply what someone eats. But that is only part of it. Metabolism is the sum - the result - of every chemical action and reaction in and of the body. This website exists, like the nonprofit that created it, to offer science and education about her metabolism. Following are some examples, with their references right below.


Her risk for osteoporsis (weak breakable bones) is generally four times higher than his.

Data: FDA (reference four, below)

Broken Hips

She is 108 times - 10,800% - more likely than him to break her hips during basic military service (for example, just marching).

Data: Springer and Ross (source five, below)


For basic health, her metabolism requires keeping about four times the essential fat as his metabolism requires.

Data: Flynn et al.; Kebles and Hemric (reference two, below)

Table Data (same info)

Metabolic Element Her Metabolism His Metabolism
Fat She typically needs to carry about 400% of the essential fat that he needs.2 He typically needs to carry about 25% of the essential fat that she needs.2
Bones Women and girls suffer the vast majority of metabolically weak breakable bones - a condition that some call osteoporosis or (when less severe) osteopenia.4 Also, basic military service breaks her hips over - 100 times - more often than his.5 Of those whose bones metabolically rot (which some call osteoporosis or osteopenia): only 1 in 5 is a man or boy.4


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